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Lift Stations

Up until now, Lift stations were “assembled” units consisting of a meter base, power distribution, transfer switch, lighting control, and pump control panel. These units were assembled on site in an expensive large enclosure. Fralo has changed that!
Our new, UL listed Lift Station system is perfect for wastewater lift stations, transfer to waste treatment, rinse water and wash water applications.


  • Power and Control in one unit for the entire lift station
  • Available for Simplex, Duplex, or Triplex pump systems
  • Full voltage, Soft start, or VF Drive control for each pump
  • Three types of control, Point to point, PID, or our new Pace Method (perfect for grinder pumps)

Each unit includes a power and metering side and a control side mounted atop a wire way for fast installation. These units can cut your installation costs up to 60% percent. They are complete, just connect incoming power, area lighting, pumps, and sensors and the system is ready to go! This system even comes with a junction box that has over sized terminals for easier installation and trouble shooting.
We can provide our own processor to control the station or you can choose your own, like Omni-sites “Crystal Ball”. (Pictured above) Fralo will design the controls, install, and test this system prior to shipping.
There are other available options and features, which makes this system the best choice to meet all the different needs. We currently have satisfied customers with many systems running their lift stations

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