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Pump Controls

Fralo Control Systems specializes in pump controllers used in water and waste water applications. Such as booster stations, pump panels, lift stations, irrigation, water, and waste water treatment.


  • Industrial pump panels
  • Cooling towers
  • Lift stations
  • Booster panels
  • Dosage panels
  • Water tower control
  • Full booster systems
  • Compressor capacity controls
  • Process heating and cooling systems
  • Automated Irrigation Systems
  • Economical pump panels
  • Water and waste water treatment

Economical Pump Panels

The FRA 102 Series is our Line of economical pump panels. These pump panels are available as simplex, duplex, and triplex systems.

  • Full voltage starting
  • Soft starting
  • Variable Frequency Drives

Additional starting Methods:

  • WYE-Delta
  • Part Winding
  • Auto Transformer
  • Magnetic Motor Starters

Pump Panels Available for:

Horsepower from 1/2hp to 400hp
Voltages from 110VAC/1 phase to 600VAC/3 phase
Most installations require only main power, motor wiring and plumbing



Fresh Water Booster Panels

Fralo also manufactures custom booster panels for fluid control tailored to meet specific needs fluid handling needs; allowing for a reliable and easy to use system for multiple applications. We are experts in fresh water boosters and pumping systems, providing full alternation and sequencing for commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.
The FRA106 system incorporates a PLC and customers choice of monitor control method; (Full Voltage, Reduced Voltage, Soft Start, or VFD) to maintain pressure.

Standard Features:

  • Bulkhead mounted pressure transducer
  • Bulkhead mounted low suction pressure switch
  • Pump running indicator light
  • PLC with touch screen HMI display for quick set up.


  • Municipal booster stations
  • High rise buildings
  • Irrigation
  • Constant pressure systems
  • Process fluid control

Municipal Fresh Water Systems

A Pennsylvania Water Authority required a fresh water Control system to replace outdated, failing equipment. Each station was wired to run in conjunction with the rest of the system, but also independently when normal communications where not available. Fralo utilized existing phone lines to integrate all stations. In the future, a wireless system will be installed and the phone systems will become a backup. Each station has 12’ color touch screens. The added benefits include alarm reports to cellphones and the ability for each station to recover from a fault or power loss. Smart phone monitoring capability was also built in.

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